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TBI & Concussion

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"Concussions: The Invisible Injury

Mismanaged & Misunderstood"

It’s true, most people with concussions are normal again within a couple of weeks. 


...but, not everyone.

About 30% of people who’ve had a concussion are NOT better in 1 week, 2 weeks or even a month.

This unlucky  “Miserable Minority” are still suffering chronic concussion symptoms like these:

​➡ Fatigue

➡ Headaches

➡ Dizziness

➡ Trouble Concentrating

➡ Memory Problems

➡ Sleep Problems

➡ Neck Pain

➡ Anxiety

Let's face it... Life would be easier if you had a big scar, a cast or crutches. At least then your family and friends could SEE the damage your concussion did to you.

But that’s not how things are. Your problem is not a broken bone. Your injury is deep inside your brain…in circuits that control your balance, mood and memory.

You can’t talk to people about it because they look at you and they think…

“You look okay to me. There’s nothing wrong with you.” 


People expect you to be exactly how you’ve always been. You’re not.

...but you LOOK the same.


Here’s what probably happened to you after the visit to the ER/Urgent Care…and after the CT/MRI was negative:

You knew something wasn’t right.

After a couple of weeks of feeling bad, you began searching for an explanation...a diagnosis...a treatment plan...something.

But the doctors you saw didn’t really believe you. They probably thought you were faking it…or outright lying (maybe for a lawsuit). When a doctor doesn’t believe you, it makes you feel like a criminal. It’s not fair.

Or... maybe you did get a diagnosis. We’ll call it “Condition X." And that diagnosis made sense.

But, the treatment for "Condition X" didn’t help—so you found another doctor.

And then the first diagnosis was challenged or overturned by the second doctor.

You repeated the “new-doctor-new-diagnosis” cycle with each new provider.


It was insane, confusing and distressing. You felt vulnerable.

You’ve been asking yourself:

“What’s wrong with me?”


I’m sorry no one told you what to expect. I’m sorry no one told you that your symptoms could last for months, even years...

You can start healing by understanding this next sentence:

A Concussion is a Brain Injury.

Now, some doctors call concussions “mild” Traumatic Brain Injuries.


That’s misleading. They’re only “mild” because you didn’t crack your skull open or end up in a coma.

You’re not alone, but you can’t get better by yourself.  More rest isn’t going to help.

You have an Invisible Injury.

So if you know someone that’s suffering with chronic concussion symptoms...

...or someone diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome

...someone who’s been told to “live with it.”

It’s time to find a doctor who can thoroughly investigate their brain injury.


Someone who will leave no stone unturned in the quest to discover the cause of their chronic concussion symptoms

...and then eliminate those symptoms.

If you want to learn the COMPLETE story of how chronic concussion symptoms are mismanaged and misunderstood...

and what to do to finally get rid of them...

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