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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Clark knows Autism is treatable...


But the causes of Autism are extraordinarily complex:

  • Immune System Imbalances: autoimmunity, auto-inflammation...(even immune deficiency)

  • Neuroinflammation: inflammation in the brain and central nervous system

  • Hyper-Leaky barriers: gut barrier, lung barrier, Blood-Brain Barrier

  • Toxic chemicals and Heavy metals

  • Food Intolerance/sensitivity: gluten, casein, soy...and more

  • Gastrointestinal malfunction: digestion, absorption and elimination

  • Gastrointestinal Dysbiosis: bacterial and fungal overgrowths and parasitic infections

  • Genetics: chromosomal deletions, mutations, SNPs

  • Circuit Problems (basal ganglia, frontal lobes, cerebellum...)


All of these possibilities must be investigated (or at least considered ) if your child is ever going to be social, or live an independent, productive life.

Too many well-intentioned doctors and therapists don't understand this BIG picture:


...Each child is unique. One-size-fits-all cookie cutter programs are doomed to fail for at least 50% of children.

This is why Dr. Clark believes:

"Treat the Child, Not Their Diagnosis"

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