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What Makes Dr. Clark Different

A message from Dr. Clark:

The very first thing you should know is—I do things differently. I don't do things the same way as other doctors and other healthcare practitioners, even ones that you've seen.

The first thing that makes me different is my treatment philosophy:

Treat the person, not their diagnosis.


Why would I say that?

Well, a diagnosis is just a label. It's just a word. It doesn't tell you what to do about it.


For example: people are misdiagnosed everyday with everything from strep throat to cancer.


If you came to me and said "I have Vertigo," or "My child has ADHD"…that would be a place to start. But it doesn't tell me what to do about your problem because there are literally hundreds of different possible causes for any symptom (even if you've been "diagnosed").

The second thing that makes me different is this:

There are no "protocols" for certain conditions or diseases.

Instead, I ask…

  • What is the mechanism?

  • Why is this happening?

  • How can I help without drugs or surgery?

To answer these questions I use the most modern, advanced and comprehensive methods of analysis and treatment:

  • Functional Neurology

  • Brain-Based Rehabilitation

  • Functional Endocrinology

  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

  • Functional Immunology

These cutting-edge sciences examine your Hormones, Immune System, Gastrointestinal System, your Metabolism...

from a completely different perspective.


The problem is traditional medicine is looking for DISEASE.


It is not looking at what happens right before you get the "disease" label.

I want to restore function. I want to find the real reasons for your problem. To do that I have to look at EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE.

I evaluate brain function with a non-invasive Brain Function Assessment. This examines how well different areas of your brain are functioning.

I investigate your biochemistry (hormones, blood sugar, immune system, gastrointestinal system) with specialized lab testing.


I do all this to make sure I'm getting the best and most complete picture of you.

Ninety-nine percent of my patients have already been to 5, 6—even 7 doctors—with little or no long-lasting results.


All of the "specialists" look at you through a microscope (which is really a set of blinders).


Their approach is too narrow. They miss the big picture.

You have to take a step back and get a BIG PICTURE OF THE WHOLE PERSON.

To get you great results, I have to be really good detective. That means doing the necessary tests whether any out-of-touch insurance company thinks they're "medically necessary" or not.

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