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Who He Works With

If you look at the list on the menu side of this website, you can see a list of conditions Dr. Clark has helped.


So obviously, he works with Alzheimer's, Autoimmune Diseases etc.

But beyond just a list of these metabolic and neurological problems...who does he work with?

Dr. Clark works with men, women and children of all ages who are looking for answers.

He's usually not the first doctor patients see for their problem. 


Because by the time someone has made it to him, the typical run-of-the-mill treatment approaches for their condition have not worked.  Usually because either the diagnosis is incorrect (or missing)...or the treatment is woefully inadequate. 

So, he works with people ready to do what it takes to get better and stay better.

That might mean doing the following: 

- changing your diet

- doing the RIGHT diagnostic tests

- changing what you think about your health and your body

But above all...

He works with people who follow instructions. 


"For years I've told my patients this truth:

The closer you follow my instructions, the better your results will be."

—Dr. David Clark

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