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Stunning Lack Of Follow Up Care For Patients With Concussion/mTBI

New research has discovered that less than 50% of patients with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) seen at an ER receive educational material at hospital discharge… or see a medical practitioner within 3 months of their injury.


These patients had significant POST CONCUSSION symptoms (headaches, dizziness, nausea, cognitive problems, mood, and sleep disturbances)… but weren’t being followed up on by ANYONE…and the patients weren’t seeking any help.




One answer is in the name itself, calling it “mild” TBI. So doctors AND patients don’t take the injury seriously enough…or the patient thinks that things ought to get better on their own.


I wish I could say this news was surprising. But it’s not. Thousands of people who’ve suffered a concussion (aka mild TBI) are left to wander the healthcare wasteland.


If your concussion symptoms clear up completely within a couple of weeks, count yourself lucky.

About 30% of concussion sufferers are NOT better after a couple of months…they are the Miserable Minority.


Look, if you suffer a concussion, make sure you seek help–at least an evaluation if nothing else–from someone who is trained in recognizing, diagnosing AND treating Brain Injuries.




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